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Orange Studio Day

I grew up in Santa Barbara, California, and, under the illusion that I wanted to be an illustrator, moved to the opposite coast to attend college in Baltimore, Maryland. A year of quarantine, plus several protracted school breaks, have led to me shuffling back and forth between these two cities, creating questions of what home is and what it means to exist in a specific place. My art is a way of rooting myself in the cities I live in: I render my surroundings in drawings and edited photographs, and populate them with vignettes of goblins and other “little guys” that reflect my day-to-day and the strange urban folk I meet. Humor, joy, and recognition are the emotions I want to communicate.
With printmaking, the labor involved and the undeniable physicality of the finished piece create the weight I need to feel rooted in a place. Color, layering, and transparency are all important elements to me, expressed through a lot of screenprinting, a medium quantity of monotypes, and the exciting beginnings of an etching practice.